Protect your business, property, employees and members of the public with our advanced glass protection systems.

Our protective window films enhance security, give protection against bomb blasts or accidental explosions and reduce the effect of solar heat on glass. They can also provide increased privacy or, with specialist finishes, serve as architectural design features in their own right.

Our window protection films can be applied directly to existing glazing – including doors, windows and overhead glazing - to offer an immediate and cost-effective retro-fit solution, especially when compared with the replacement cost of existing glazing.

At AGP Advanced Glass Protection our product manufacturers are market leaders and innovators within the glass protection industry. Our window films protect embassies, government and UN buildings, as well as NGO and commercial offices in the UK and overseas.

When it comes to protecting your glass, you can be secure in the knowledge of our professionalism, experience and service.

anti shatter window Protection films
Anti Shatter
Window Protection Films

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Solar Control
Window Protection Films

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UV Protection
Window Films

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Anti Graffiti
Window Protection Films

privacy window Protection films
Window Protection Films

vehicle safety window Protection films
Vehicle Safety
Window Protection Films

See how Advanced Glass Protection can help you.

Contact us for a quote or call us on 0208 242 6445 to discuss your window protection needs today.

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